It’s that time of the year! As the drifting season comes to a close, many competitors love to attend All Star Bash. This event has been going on for some years now and its perfect for those who just want to go out on the track and have some crazy fun. This event is hosted by Just Drift at Willow Springs International Raceway. What makes this event unique is its two track selection, Streets Of Willow and Horse Thief Mile. This two day event is always one you must see as the sky is the limit to what these drives are capable of with high speed tandums and 360 entries! What it seemed to have been a smaller group of drifters for this 2016 event, the outcome was nothing less then amazing as the drivers were able to go on track with the most seat time and slay tires. Special guests Justin Pawlak, Forest Wang, Aurimas Bakchis, and many other drivers went out on the track and had a great time! As usual this event was well organized and we advise you to attend next year if you couldn’t this year. Luckily, Import Addicts is here to bring you the freshest content of what went down day one of All Star Bash 2016. Don’t forget to share and tag us on our media outlets!

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