With day 1 of All Star Bash in the books, we once again found ourselves coming back to Willow Springs for Sunday’s ASB antics. Since we felt that we captured a good amount of the action that was happening at the Streets of Willow on Saturday, we decided that It was time for us to visit the infamous Horse Thief Mile and see who was ripping up the track. Once we arrived on track our first task was to check out who was driving, amongst the many talented grassroots drivers ripping up the HTM;  Some Formula Drift pro drivers like Forest Wang in the Get Nuts Lab 2JZ S14 & Aurimas “ODI” Bakchis in his S13 we just tearing up the track with fellow grassroots guys. We always look forward to coming out to and cover this annual event, hopefully one day we can rip around with you guys in a Import Addicts drift car, until then we will keep bringing you guys quality content! Please feel free to download any of the photos below, don’t forget to tag us in the photo and #ImportAddicts

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