The biggest week in the automotive industry that takes place every year in a town know as Las Vegas, Nevada. The Sema Show AKA the mecca of everything automotive, is the place where every automotive manufacturer gets a chance to show off their latest and upcoming products all under one roof. With miles and miles of booths it is no wonder they make this a week-long event, getting the chance to see everything is very rare but possible. It is great seeing the aftermarket manufacturers new products such as Garrets new turbo’s and all of the latest JDM wheels by Mackin Industies. You get to see a very diverse range of cars from American muscle all the way to Rob Dahm’s AWD 4 rotor RX7. This year’s Sema show was definitely a great one and it was the 50th annual Sema Show so it was a special one. We always look forward all year to this event and are already excited for the next one. This is part one of two so be sure to check out part 2 when it’s out!

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