Once again Super Street’s yearly Tuner Battle Week has managed to gather some of the most killer street and track cars from the west coast! We were super excited that our #Project86S was picked to participate in this Tuesday’s inaugural 86 Showdown presented by Continental Tire, sadly our project car wasn’t exactly 100% ready to attack the Streets of Willow due to a little incident that happened on the freeway right before this years 86 Fest. However we still decided to bring her out to duke it out with many well prepped street and track FR-S’s that Southern California Car Enthusiasts and Companies brought out alike! We’re not at liberty to discuss lap times, you will just have to wait for it in a future issue of Super Street’s magazine! However we would like to thank our friends over at Auto Tuned in Monrovia, CA for helping with last minute prep on our car, and the people over at Continental Tire for the awesome set of brand new ExtremeContact Sport Tires which will be available for sale in February 2017! Final thanks to Super Street for hosting Tuner Battle Week! Please enjoy this small coverage of the many participants of #FFBattle and #86Showdown at the beautiful Streets of Willow!
_dsc2034Elite Performance’s Scion FR-S piloted by Gary Y, Gary placed 1st in this track prepped FR-S. Probably the most well set up car in the whole grid, congrats!
_dsc2035 _dsc2036

Meng Tea’s 2013 Scion FR-S, Meng posted a super solid lap time in his Jackson Racing powered FR-S.
_dsc2028 Lance Uchida’s Honda Civic Ek, this thing was really ripping up the corners with its B-Series power-plant._dsc2029 _dsc2027 _dsc2030 _dsc2031 _dsc2032 _dsc2008 _dsc2010

Ken Suen’s Honda Civic Si, this was really one of our favorite’s from the FF8 Battle grid!
_dsc2013 _dsc2014 _dsc2017

Jofel Tolosa’s Scion FR-S, super clean well built daily! Import Addicts seal of approval.
_dsc2021 _dsc2022

Devyn Bandonillo’s 2011 Acura CSX Conversion, sadly Devyn was experiencing a major alignment issue with this Jackson Racing SC that ended up making him not able to run more than 1 session at the FFbattle. After a couple of hours of fiddling it one of Devyn’s friends came in and disassembled his kit and we ended up finding out that all it took was two broken bolts to end his day early. Don’t worry though you will be seeing this CSX ripping up the track soon enough!

Johnny Polidano’s Scion FR-S, this thing just looks so mean with that APR front bumper and rear deck wing.
_dsc2024 _dsc2025

Jonathan Lugod’s 2015 Ford Focus ST, this was the only non Honda that was holding it down at the #FF8Battle_dsc2026

WORKS Motorsport’s Subaru BRZ even made an appearance!_dsc2038

Young Tea’s 2015 Scion FR-S Release Series 1.0, you will definitely see this car ripping up the track at next years 86 Showdown!

Phil’s Scion FR-S that was piloted by Karla Pestotnik, she really showed us that a Rocket bunny kitted car can still rip around and post a great time!

Twiggy’s 2015 Scion FR-S Release Series 1.0, the first Vlene kitted car in the United States! Built by none other than Auto Tuned in Monrovia, CA.
_dsc2041 _dsc2046 _dsc2047 _dsc2048 _dsc2051

Our Project 86S powered by JDL Auto Design.
_dsc2053 _dsc2056