Whenever we think about the word “Supercar” it is usually synonymous with thoughts of cars that are elegant, refined, and luxurious. But if one thing is for sure an FR-S isn’t the car that comes first to mind, and I believe thats why this build captured huge attention in the tuner community when it was announced by its brainchild Ryan Tuerck. Although this car wasn’t ever designed to be a supercar, it does contain the heart of one and thats good enough for us to dub it one!
_DSC1929This Ferrari 4.5 L F136 F engine was given a new lease on life, when it was pulled from a crashed Ferrari 458. Given that this engine was originally mounted in the rear of the car, certain modifications had to be made to the FR-S subframe in order to drop this motor so it wouldn’t sit so high up.


Huddy Motorsport’s has no plans on putting forced induction into the motor until later down the line. As quoted by Huddy himself

“We just want to enjoy the car for what it is right now, although we don’t have plans to put forced induction into this car right now. Later down the line it is a possiblity”.


We can’t wait to see what’s exactly in store for the future of this amazing build by Huddy Motorsports. Hats off to the amazing guys down there who spent countless nights up, in order to get this car built in time for SEMA 2016. Will we see it again this November at SEMA 2017? We will just have to wait and see!

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