Attending 86 Fest since its first year in 2012 really helped us see the progress it has made over the years. it was the very first event we covered on import-addicts.com so its always one of our favorite events of the year. 86 Fest started out as a small event the year the FRS and BRZ were released. It was a decent turn out but nothing compared to what it is now.86 Fest started out as a celebration of the legendary 86 also know as the Toyota corolla from the 80’s and the newer versions which hold the 86 number known as the FRS and BRZ. This years event was a little different from all of the past years since this time 86 fest collaborated with Global Time Attack to create an event know as Motor Massive. This allowed for all types of cars to be welcome at the event from Porsche 911’s to R34 GTRs. Overall it was a great event as always and we cant wait to attend next year!

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