For the first time Tuner Evolution one of the east coasts biggest showcases for tuners, made its way to Anaheim, CA for their first inaugural SoCal show! Being a predominantly east coast car show tour, as quoted by the staff “We just had to make plan this event out for a few years in order to get it just right, given that we’re in the mecca of tuner culture in the United States. With over 300 cars registered we can say that it couldn’t have gone better, given the quality of the builds that the west coast is known for.” With Tuner Evolution: SoCal being the first show on their U.S. tour, please be sure to go to their next show in order to show support for these organizers and all of the hard work that they do, in order to provide quality atmosphere and build quality for display. Thank you and please feel free to share any of these photos below, and don’t forget to tag us on social media! #importaddictsDSC_7114DSC_7113DSC_7087DSC_7107DSC_7073DSC_7080DSC_7083DSC_7049DSC_7033 DSC_7115DSC_7112DSC_7062DSC_7057 DSC_7060DSC_7117DSC_7131DSC_7132DSC_7134DSC_7109DSC_7110DSC_7111DSC_7068DSC_7035DSC_7034DSC_7116DSC_7105DSC_7100DSC_7099DSC_7096 DSC_7092DSC_7091DSC_7089DSC_7088DSC_7086DSC_7085DSC_7084DSC_7082 DSC_7081DSC_7079DSC_7078DSC_7076DSC_7075 DSC_7074DSC_7072DSC_7070 DSC_7069DSC_7064DSC_7063DSC_7053 DSC_7056DSC_7052DSC_7050DSC_7048 DSC_7047DSC_7046 DSC_7044DSC_7043 DSC_7042 DSC_7040DSC_7039DSC_7038 DSC_7037 DSC_7036DSC_7030 DSC_7029 DSC_7028 DSC_7027 DSC_7026