This past weekend Just Drift hosted ASB13 one of the craziest ASB’s ever, ASB had everything you could want. From Drifting, Cars, Pro Drivers, Burnouts, Tandems, Guinness’s World Record breaking 58 car burnout + tandem drifting. Their was so much to love at this years ASB, if you weren’t able to make it out we got you covered. This years ASB brought Formula Drift drivers which included Mike Essa (2013 Fomula Drift Campion), Danny George, Forest Wang, Justin Pawlak, Matt Field, Aurimas Bakchis, Taka Aono, Carlos Cano-Estrella, Ken Gushi, Dai Yoshihara, and Brandon Wicknick. More photos and content inside!5Instructor Charlie Ongsingco of Just Drift giving the ASB13 drivers meeting.

1Since this year marked my first and Import Addicts first time at ASB13, their are some noticeable different but that just be me. I hope that you enjoy our coverage of “All Stat Bash”48 inches.
3 434Larry Chen getting ready to chase Danny George on “The Streets of Willow” track.
8At this year’s ASB we had a special appearance by world renowned photographer Larry Chen of Speed Hunters, doing some aerial coverage above Willow Springs. During ASB attempt to break the Guinness world record for donuts and consecutive drift, Which was shattered by the ASB13 drivers.

31Photographer Jonathan Velasquez going to those crazy spots that others dare not to go, with Larry Chen in the background ha ha.2DSC_4711 DSC_471213Ready.. Set.. GO!
33Our friend and driver Ryan Carroll tearing it up with this crazy fast entry into turn 1 of “The Streets of Willow”, Sadly Ryan suffered some damage later in the event and this caused one of his tires to rapidly lose pressure. He came back and avenged his damage on saturdays event on sunday at the “Horse Thief Mile”.7 611 12All of the drivers of ASB from Pro to Amateur alike trying to show what they are made of, went all out on the first entry of the track. Most of the time they made it unscathed but sometimes lady luck just isn’t on your side and decides to bite you in the butt literally.

16Drivers of ASB trying to break the Guinness world record for most consecutive car Donuts, they shattered the previous record which was 50 cars and lasted 10 seconds. With 58 total drivers and lasting 30+ seconds.17 15 18 19 20Paul of trying to alert the ASB drivers to stop doing donuts, if you haven’t noticed the tire smoke you can see why no one could see more then 30 feet in front of themselves.23 24 2158! ASB13 drivers fully pumped from breaking the Guinness world record for most and longest donuts, are attempting to rewrite it to most consecutive drifts.22 25 26Professional Formula Drift driver Danny George letting his Miata’s LS powered tail loose.
27 2829Matt Coffman with his beautiful Rocketbunny 240sx.
30Theres always someone or something new at Willow springs, here we have Hert with his infamous V8 RX-7 FC, did someone say Big wing wednesday?

32Aurimas Bakchis leading a tandem with Matt Field at ASB13, Matt Field letting that tail out just a little bit to loose.
35 36 37 38 39Living in southern California it really is a pleasure to ever see some rare JDM cars, especially some as nice as this Silvia S15
40 41Aurimas Bakchis rear bumper is just trying to hold on to dear life.42 DSC_4800 DSC_480143 DSC_480844 DSC_4805DSC_4837 DSC_485345 46 47 48Whos this driver again? I cant seem to remember his name. Ha Ha
49Now On to day two of the event!DSC_0084

Day two of the Event was just all out fun. It gave the drivers a chance to just go out and drift with whoever they wanted because there were no run groups. It also gave them a chance to kill off any tires they had left from the previous day before it was time to head back home. DSC_4786 DSC_4787DSC_0011 DSC_0014 DSC_0021 DSC_0030 DSC_0033 DSC_0038 DSC_0063DSC_0079DSC_0110 DSC_0116 DSC_4709DSC_0128

This years All Stat Bash 13 truly went down great and was very memorable with many crazy highlights. Can’t wait till Toy Drift next month! Till then import addicts out.


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